A new year tends to go hand in hand with a New Year’s resolution (or two). We’ve all been there: eat healthier, get healthier, save more, sleep more etc. etc. So what about the expansions, the over-hauls, and/or the restorations of our current homes? Typically, there are a large handful of us who include home renovations in their list of New Year’s to-dos, and we’re not necessarily talking about the sporadic spring clean and/or the occasional winter prep; but, instead, the opportunity to really do something for the structural improvement and/or visual well-being of our homes. So where do you stand on the home renovation scale? Perhaps this is the year to make it a part of your resolution list.


According to CMHC, “Ontarians spent an estimated $25 billion on renovations last year, a figure that the housing agency says is forecast to keep increasing in the coming years”. In a recent article, courtesy of CBC, these increases in home renovations are because “the housing market itself is booming, and most buyers typically undergo some sort of renovation job within the first 12 months after they buy”. And if you think that the above statistic is high, consider the fact that there are even more people who choose to renovate their homes years after they’ve moved in a settled. That’s an extremely large portion of us who, at one point in time or another, will work toward truly making their home their own.


What are your go-to’s when prioritizing your reno projects? In the latest Statistics Canada poll, some of the most popular have been to upgrade your basement, to paint and/or wallpaper, to improve your heating and/or air conditioning, and to landscape your front and/or back yard.  After all, the majority of homes that currently stand in the province of Ontario were constructed in the 1980s and are just about due for “a few licks of paint – or more”. Renovating your home can be a fun way to challenge yourself to complete a few projects around the completion of your home. As years come and go, so do design trends, your home’s structural stability, and even family members. Don’t be afraid to make your home feel like new – personalize it and make it your own! It’s never too late.

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