mortgage pre-approval


Obtain a Mortgage Pre-Approval through:

Mortgage Broker

Using a Mortgage Broker may be your best option. They can provide you with the most favourable Mortgage

available in the marketplace today with terms, conditions and interest rates to best suit your needs.

Mortgage Brokers are not limited to one Lender or Financial Institution, they have access to all of them.

Financial Institution

Our Lending Options are Limited with a Financial Institution. They can only offer you their product and interest rates based on their lending policies.

!.jpg TIPS

Establish What You Can Afford
Before you start house hunting, establish how much cash (or downpayment) is needed and how much you can afford to carry in monthly payments.


Hidden Costs
Approximate costs are $3000, an amount over and above the above noted cash down payment. These costs could include items such as the Building Inspection, Other Inspections, Appraisal Fees, Mortgage Insurance, CMHC Fees, Legal Fees, Transfer Tax, Title Insurance, Taxes, etcetera.


Stay Within Your Price-Range
There is no use looking at homes that are out of your afforded price range. It will only frustrate you and waste your time. It also confuses your knowledge building process as it may interfere with you making that right decision. We need to compare apples to apples, not apples to oranges.

MMost Realtors® will not show you homes unless you are pre-approved.


Documents Needed For Your Mortgage Approval


  • Notice of Assessment from previous taxation year.

  • Letter of Employment.

  • T4’s.

  • Proof of Down Payment.

  • Your Mortgage Broker will let you know what else you might need.